The Bear Massacre Ensues ! The Bears Call the Spirit of SFB

We eagerly await the glimpse of the Short Faced Bear as the trampling of the ancient Wooly Mammoth ensues with the Cats on his side they are slaughtering the bears BUT !! a glimpse of their wild card ( SFB - Deadly Cup Factory) will turn the tide.

Long with the flow of the bulls for now Heartbeaters !!

Remember to zoom in and out and take profit on all fibs,

We are accumulating cheap USD in the bullish market.. When SFB appears or the bulls stumble on her lair be wairy and switch to BTC accumulation strategies that we will have to develop along the way..

BWF = Butterfly wing flap, i.e. things are going to get noisy !! Her target has been raised to as much as 17k but I've seen them blow the socks off a diamter rule..

Current position is HOLD like a Mother Wing Flap tells you !! lol
評論: *** typo, I'm getting better, sorry.. story still holds but on the chart it says MMMLB when in fact its really MMLB, MMMLB could be Mega Mighty Mouse (Inverse Heartbeat) Lightning Bolt.. thus I didn't make an error !! lol !! The beauty of making things up as you go along !

Safe trading Heartbeaters !!
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