Refined BTC Prediction

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This might look a little hectic, but I believe we are still in wave 4 of subwave 3. Targeting 8.6~8.8k in the next push after healthy correction to around 7.6k followed by another healthy correction to either a double bottom at 7.6k or 7.4k. Price targets are all subject to change but the final target of this massive subwave 1 of this year long 5 wave structure is about 12k. I boldly predict that we are still on our way to around 30k+ by end of the year.
I believe we will be in a Alt party until we break 12k and see many alts surge in price, but once we do break the 12k pushing to the previous ATH we will see a hefty correction in most alts over time. I see around July as a time for a pretty big correction before the massive move up to make new ATH during fall and winter.
THIS IS ALL ASSUMING WE ARE REVERSING FROM THIS LONG TERM DOWN TREND. I'm getting more optimistic on the reversal by day, the price action is very bullish with weekly and monthly stochastic RSI bottomed out, setting up for a long term bull trend to come.
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