BTC Parabolic Pattern Analysis

Hey guys, I continue in my Bear mood since my last post( )

But Now I drew Parabolic curves throughout BTC's past performances.

* In the Technical analysis , the moment it breaks a parabolic movement, 40 to 80% dip is expected. *

As we can see, in its past, it has already happened a few times but is also good to notice that it has always come back up to a new ATH .

Also, I would like to give special thanks to my mentor Peter L. Brandt (follow him on twitter)

Please trade safely
Don't forget to comment your ideas as well as suggestions for another currency analysis.

This is not financial advice

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交易結束:目標達成: Forgot to close, Trade closed :) Target reached
nice chart
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It's an interesting observation. We could consolidate for a months. Not denying that possibility.
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MesattoCapital hosweetim89
@hosweetim89, I also thought that, as on this chart I expect to see 5800 as last support to continue this bulltrend, if it breaks beartrend starts and we would go all the way down to 1800
MesattoCapital hosweetim89
@hosweetim89, Its happening!
iI not believe in this break of 50% at 70%. The exchanges support is global.
@hto, I also thought that, but FUD is dominating the market + wall street contracts. we are about to see 5800. Thanks for the comment tho, appreciated it
@hto, Its happening!
rsystradingview MesattoCapital
@LucasLima, hats off!
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