Potential 3k breakthrough in coming weeks??

Here we can see that Bitcoin can potentially reach its all time high, based on the 2/1 Gann Line meeting with a resistance line in the Fibb retracement at $2910. We could see some nice rise if it is able to breakthrough once it is tested. I disregarded the stochastic level, which is above the 80 threshold and also disregarded the MA and the fact it is in the overbought position because Bitcoin has historically been in the overbought position most of the time, at least as of late. I am aware that this is a very bullish prediction, but I am optimistic. Anyone willing to take some risk should consider a long here and hopefully we'll see it break 3k! Good Luck!
評論: As far as the timeline for this event, I am boldly thinking by Monday morning at the latest, we'll see.
Fibs perfectly positioned, a shame it took the other way around
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We've done it!