What's going on? Elliott waves corrective ABCD pattern.

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All info @ Related ideas.
評論: Shorts @ bounces. StopLoss over EMA46 (H1 tf) or previous high. Targets 1580, 1540 even 1515.
評論: Likely overcoming resistance (yellow trend line).
評論: Up or down? :)
評論: Stops below 1740, targets 1900+
It seems that no longer ABCD.
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emmaangelina Like2Move
@Like2Move, its going to be bump & run reversal trend ?any deep idea
Like2Move emmaangelina
@emmaangelina, Not yet. Only below 1710.
I guess up!
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Where do you see this going ? Any reasonable guess for the top?
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@KTAS, IMHO, to top trendline. 1750 - 1760, may be higher.
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ali7861 Like2Move
@Like2Move, So BTC correction is over and further ups expected or likely to start going back down to complete correction?
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Like2Move ali7861
@ali7861, Not yet. Triangle breakout will be the first sign, but, IMHO, only above 1800 (green dot line) or below 1650 (red dot) we will know the direction.
In XBT/EUR on KRAKEN resistance isn't overcoming yet - - i don't know what this means for me to be honest.
Like2Move ProPatte
@ProPatte, Retrace 50%, rise up will continue.
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