BTCUSD - Bottom of a Long-term channel, middle of the new one

EMAs look like we may be getting out of this but so far it is indecisive.
RSI crossing down 50 with conviction, MACD about to cross under as well. Both indicate bearish , but like I said, no confirmation as of yet.

Look for confirmation with a candlestick closing above $10,000 or closing under $9,500 on a time interval longer than 4 hours.

Not currently holding a long or short position anymore. It feels too much like gambling than anything else.

Everyone that posts their charts or ideas have a bias; they choose to present information in a bearish or bullish way to help their own interests. Only trust yourself completely.

Your favorite charter will say bullish so the price goes up, then they can short at a price that they know will have heavy resistance.
Your favorite charter will say bearish because they're in a risky short and need the price to stay down.
Everyone has skin in the game, no matter what they say.
Crpyto tips appreciated! You can't lose value on what you don't have ; )
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Nice work sir
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