BTCUSD STAMP - Copied and pasted for easier viewing...

799 4

Using My "Loaded Guns" Theory, it looks like the 0.618 FIB RT (Re-Trace) is where I have placed it on my chart @ $1,897.70.
評論: Close Up of the 0.618 FIB RT according to 2 Guns Down with Loaded Guns Theory:

評論: I noticed I was not as precise with my placement on the "tops" of my Loaded Guns. The placement has been corrected and has changed the 0.618 FIB RT to approximately $1,892. Which See:

評論: I'm still saying $1,889.54 "AT A MINIMUM" for BTCUSD on Stamp.

評論: Y'all know what time it is for BTCUSD?

Price Down Pick Up!!!

We blew past my 0.618 FIB on Stamp to exactly $1,850.00 instead of $1,889.54. Which see below. I believe we've found bottom and it's time to get back in.

評論: The 60m (1h) TF still shows more upside. However, the green line is dangerously high at 93% at this writing. The red line is crossing over the black LSMA to the upside which generally indicates more upside still in play even though the green is dangerously high at 93%.

The 240m (4h) TF still shows more upside. However, the purple Ghost line has just hit 80%. This means our current upward move in the 4h TF is not long from being spent "possibly." However, I still believe it has more upside to go. To at least $2220 in my opinion before we have a small dip before continuing upward.

The 720m (12h) TF has a green line moving upward. However, the black LSMA is still angled downward for the moment. The good thing is the red line is about to penetrate a green line that is moving upward in the 12h TF. This is a good indication of a "possible" strong move up in the works on the current 12h Candle and possibly the next 12h Candle as well. We still have 8 hours 50 minutes at this writing remaining on the 12h Candle:

評論: I meant to say I expect at least $2,270 not $2,220.
評論: Note the 30m TF on the far left HOW the red line touched a green line moving down; indicating downside. Also note how the green line is moving down with the purple ghost line on the 60m TF in the center. Also note how the green line and purple ghost line peaked at 85 to 90 percent on the 120m TF to the far right showing the "energy" moving upward was exhausted for a bit and we had to come back down to refuel .

評論: I want to encourage everyone who is using Godmode with the inputs and LSMA with inputs I have instructed to pull up a chart with it in the 1m or 2m TF and watch the price action LIVE. This way you can get a better idea of how the lines work as I have instructed in my publication on Basics for HOW to use Godmode. Pay attention to when the lines are at or above 80% AND when the lines are at or below 20%. This way you'll have a better understanding of how they will work in the higher TF's. Only realize the higher TF's will take longer to play out.
評論: I started a Private Chat Room to keep other traders from getting so many emails when I provide updates. The chat is for whatever. meaning, you don't have to just talk Godmode.
Great analysis ! I learned a lot, still learning, thanks a lot.
@anakin31, Apologies for the delay.

You're welcome... and thanks for following.
Great - so is this the private chat?
ProwdClown yougonbpind
@yougonbpind, No, Send me a PM and I will send you an invite
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