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BTC is still in the throes of a massive correction.

Crypto traders the world over hodl their tether in disbelief.

In their dreams at night rivers of blood red candles surge through streets, corridors, and through the cracks in their pink wojak masks.

Crypto Twitter attempts to meme-in the bottom through performative gifs of despair, but the market knows this is only fear warding off depression, and so continues apace.

Reddit has resorted to prayer and chastity (involuntary) to appease the Bear Gods.

CNBC get a monkey to do their TA in a live segment they call 'Charting with Fat Finger Fred'. The monkey shits on a monitor, then begins to draw a crucifixion before turning slowly to stare at the camera with eyes so hollow the line producer panics and forgets to cut to ads for three whole minutes.

Parabolic Trav orders seven quarts of carbolic acid and 700 drinking straws, sitting with his pants around his ankles he decides this will not be the night to rebrand.

Where will we end?

This pitchfork disregards fibs and uses channels instead.

Still a better love story than Titanic.
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