So at one point in this video I get a bit mixed up in my thoughts. I think most publishers would delete it and not share it; but I'm not interestedd in protecting myself. I go off on a pretty long rabbit trail about Support and Resistance areas creating the phase changes that we're looking for. It is an important concept; and I think despite me mixing myself up at one point - I think I should share it with you

I hope you feel the same way. I hope you learned something with me!
評論: At 5minutes approx. I make a poor explanation...and am forced to correct myself. Please disregard my mental lapse.
Off the cuff is great. The vids are well done, don't change a thing.
nukenowakowski JohnMarston1908
@JohnMarston1908, Thanks! I appreciate it. Thanks for the security on that. Everytime is indeed off the cuff. I appreciate the kind words friend.
Keep em coming just like you are doing them! The traders to follow here are the ones that do mistakes and happy to share and learn from them.
nukenowakowski regularroutine
@regularroutine, I appreciate that. Thank you. I probably should make an attempt to be a bit more professional -- but you know, the pure off the cuff style is so much easier :)
regularroutine nukenowakowski
@nukenowakowski, sure, that could work too. But then you will limit yourself to fewer videos, less trading and instead sitting and cutting and editing videos. I say keep em coming ;)
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