Bullish Consolidation

Solid uptrending support line from November 12. Higher lows with retest on December 22 in the mid 10,000s. Now tested and held 13,000ish with short-term double bottom against trendline . We have tightening consolidation inside this symmetrical triangle, with apex occurring in the 14,500s around January 24. Expect a strong move between now and the 24th as momentum breaks out of this pattern.

Short term... Buy BTC with mental stop in 12,300s. Target 16,000 into pattern resistance. Possible push into 20 magnet once again if triangle breaks out.

Long term... Buy BTC with mental stop in low 9,000s if 10,000 psychological floor breaks. Target 25,000 on 20,000 psychological breach.

Trade smart. Think different from the crowd. Buy during strong panic into support.

Take small profits into parabolic moves. Pay yourself when others are greedy.
Thank you. These are definitely testing times, especially for a newbie like me! :)
@MajhiMi, hang in there! I've been trading since 2014, so I'm glad to share knowledge along the way :)
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