232 8
Two scenario:
1. We completed wave IV end will go UP. I've already bought from 11000. But we can go a bit lower if wave 2 not completed yet.
2. Price forming a triangle in wave C in wave IV. So wave IV not completed yet.

Closing below 10100 will invalidate first scenario
交易結束:達到停損點: Waiting for next up signal.


Be wise. Forget trade astrology. Don't buy anywhere near. Can't you see that we are in the middle of a huge crash?
mmortall cmbmvl
@cmbmvl, this "crash" just ending of the wave 4. And we near level 50% of the previous "bubbly" trend. Wery good entry point for my point of view.
cmbmvl mmortall
@mmortall, see the shape bellow:

Does it ring some bell? I can be wrong, of course, but it's very unlikely.
mmortall cmbmvl
@cmbmvl, sure it's classical parabolic burst. And after burst market collapsed up to 80%. But this is not yet the crash. It is a normal behavior after elongated wave 3 completed. it is still a good UP potential. The point is when the market revers. More likely it is 8000-9000. But it might happen earlier. Anyway, my risk is very small. We will see, it is very interesting
cmbmvl mmortall
@mmortall, I agree it's very interesting.

Like you, I will be waiting reversal signs, but I don't share your belief that they will come from the prices side. In my view, they will come from the volume side, when the professional players start buying huge quantities at discounted prices.

We are not even near that.
cmbmvl mmortall
@mmortall, The blow off is not even in its darkest phase, total despair. It will be soon. Sorry.
no strong buy demand at mood looking to buy at 8-6k..
mmortall ghose12
@ghose12, could be. But you cannot know the market mood for sure.
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