BTC still remains Bullish

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The daily MACD remains bullish , RSI is bullish . However the TD counters are at 7 . A 9 means a Possible 1 to 4 daily candle count down or reversal/
A new daily candle has been started currently and shows a countdown of 1 . But this is a daily candle with 18 hours to go so it can flip during this time.

Going by the daily MACD- I do think BTC will continue upwards after this correction. There is a reversal candle to the downside on the daily 7 candle but the latest daily candle can close past this in 18 hours.

To get a better sense of what happening I'll be watching the 12 hour as if the MACD crosses on this bad boy BTC is going down.
- As long as the daily MACD remains bullish BTC can continue upwards.

For this weekend id need to see how Thursday shapes up to get an idea of BTCs direction,

評論: it can get challenging if BTC slips out of the channel( between the green lines)
評論: Another way of looking at it Inverse head and shoulders upwards

if you see the book order in bitfinex, more than 1200 BTC sitting in 10500,
mycotoxin Houari1981
@Houari1981, Cheers can you post a link for the order book - sounds like a good thing to be able to see
Houari1981 mycotoxin
30 10,800 23 23
162 10,700 200 224
417 10,600 572 796
530 10,500 1,141 1,938
389 10,400 352 2,290
384 10,300 529 2,820
312 10,200 863 3,683
369 10,100 248 3,931
mycotoxin Houari1981
@Houari1981, Ahh ok cheers
2 hours to go, if 4 hours candle close above the line or not.
mycotoxin Houari1981
@Houari1981, There may be some good news, the 2 hour candle should flip to positive in 1 hour and climb up(hopefully) which should move BTC upwards.
mycotoxin mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, ops not the two hour - the 1 hour .
mycotoxin YardleyRosette
@YardleyRosette, Cheers , that a daily reversal candle with 17 hours to go. BTC can still reverse it in this time. , The drop for this doji is only 10xxx
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