BTCUSD Potential AB=CD Pattern.

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Jack Wish you a happy new year and
fruitful 2018

I am very happy to say that in this past one year
I have shared many ideas and hopefully they brought you
more trading logic and trading concepts.
and I am going to continue to do this in the next coming 2018.

my last idea of BTCUSD is not to chase the high
and now the price drop dramatically and I think I
have made a very good alert to all the investors.

Now in daily chart I finally saw a good pattern for buying
which is this AB=CD move.
D point is at 8029 and the 1.272-1.414 ext is also in the same zone.
So let's wait for price to come into this zone and check for price action by then and ready to buy some Bitcoin .

Every trading action should comes with a detailed trading plan, otherwise you are simply gambling or trying your luck.
Remember: Always use a small risk amount in exchange of
at least a 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 reward/risk ratio. and that is the key to success. Don't focus too much on winning ratio
because no trade is guaranteed to be 100% safe.
Good luck to all of you guys
May All the traders in tradingview can enhance their lifes
through professional trading.

Best Regards

Yours sincerely : Jack Zhang
Dec 31st, 2017
評論: we can see the small ab= cd form's BIG C point.
評論: it follows the AB=CD well
perfect retest and going down
Very nice fall , if you shorted Bitcoin, you can consider to take profit
評論: now we can watch for price action see whether there is any bullish pattern.
This is a good sign for buyer
評論: Daily Candle make new low
makes the trend still bearish
Any bullish patterns from now on?
@nlukas, imo, pin bar on daily (may be)
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Jack, you are one of the greatest ever, like Alan Iverson ore Kobe Bryant in Basket!
No doubt and thanks for the lessons.
Im still learning! Have a good day.
Polite greetings, Guy!
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@Guydo, i am not that great. just trade what you see. keep learning and practicing
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can someone explain this:
"Very nice fall , if you shorted Bitcoin, you can consider to take profit"

does that mean, if we sold BTC somewhere higher, we can now "take profit" by buying back in? Is that what is ment?
Rossouw MuMPiTz
@MuMPiTz, as in when u buy and hold forex, u can also sell short for it to go down. i dont hold any coins, but i trade them up and down..
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@Rossouw, same here. i also trade for contract of difference
@MuMPiTz, yes. u can go to investopedia to check the definition of "short". short means u sell some thing that don't belong to you (u borrow from exchange) and when price falls, u can buy it back at a lower price and return the goods to exchange. u keep the profit of the difference.
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MuMPiTz tntsunrise
@tntsunrise, thanks for the explanation! :)
Great trade!!! Perfection !!
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