Bitcoin not yet finished A of ABC correction

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I believe too many people are not stepping back and looking at the bigger picture. Even the bears I follow have toned down their negativity (i try to follow bulls and bears in equal measure).
25 X gains in 1 year preceding the $20,000 top are incredible. Hysteria from you-tubers, bloggers, etc has reached an higher high than bitcoin . When every dog on the street knows its time to buy bitcoin ...

There will be lots of opportunities to make money during this correction, so it is not all negative, but be careful trading in a downward market.

Crypto patterns love to repeat, so lets see if this is a repeat of a previous pattern. I will post the large rise from 2013 in my next update as I believe it may repeat.

If bitcoin drops to these levels, most alt-coins will be in for an even bigger correction.

I just like drawing lines, what do I know, no more than you do.
評論: 2013 correction
評論: I still believe that this bubble will correct towards the start of wave 4. My timelines for the A wave was too short in my original drawing, and my B wave was too high. If the overheated American stock markets corrects towards the end of the year, we could see a correction far lower than wave 4.

pretty good r/s levels in your chart, good work

me I pray for crashes when I can't get verticality from this chart --
keep dreaming
alano444 Tomtom489
@Tomtom489, That is no argument in your comment. I love discussion so please enlighten me.
elkadro alano444
@alano444, the buying force at 8000$ is super huge. Literally everyone is waiting for this level to buy, billions waiting in cash including me, all my friends, all the whales i know, and even 2 insiders in big institutions!! Man it will skyrocket when it hit 8000 and not go down. so yeah keep dreaming
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alano444 elkadro
@elkadro, thanks for the reply. Dropping from $20,000 to $8,000 or $7,300 is within acceptable margin of error. If it hits $8,200 I will be buying in small chunks and continue buying down to where ever it lands (I want some "free" money too). I hope you manage to buy as many big bags of btc as you want ;-)

Remember - insider information may not be given in an honest spirit.
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