Comparison: BTC 2018 vs. BTC 2014 vs. NASDAQ

Here you can easily see how you can save yourself at the last moment.

Accordingly, we presumably expect - not necessarily - a bull trap. If we are about to form the second arc of the EMA in the weekly chart then just go out. It will not increase by factor x again. I am already out for the moment and do margin trading because the market and the exchanges are too shaky and risky for me.

If you see that many experts on Tradingview are very bullish , then go out. If they are very bearish like now, then you can probably take some profits. In a manipulated market like this, in most cases, the opposite will happen to what you think.

Of course this is not a guarantee, but from experience I can say that in most cases always the opposite occurs like in the last few days.

Don't be greedy after making good profits and manage your risk!
i just come across this analysis. matching with 2014, where ATH beaten in 2017.
looking like btc can recover its ATH in 2020 :( long waiting time.
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holy sht bro good charts :) i konw i'm looking at this 5 months too late... but jesus
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