Bitcoin approaching big support line

I think bitcoin will bounce up at the support line at around 15050 towards new ATHs, lets see how it works out.

The TD indicator is Bullish Weekly and Daily. To fullfill the TD indicator the started week ned to close above the prior ATH , think it should be possible.

4Hourly the TD indicator is on a red 7, so we could have 6-12 hours more downside before the bounce, we will see!
評論: Ignore the report (buy/sell) of the TD indicator, these are no real buy/sell levels.

All eyes on the support line, it was 3 times resistance so it should have turned to real big support.
評論: We went below the line, be carefull guys, we have another even stronger support line at about 14600-14700 if we get below it thinks tend to get really ugly.

評論: we are at a 4hourly TD8, the 9 will begin in about 2hours 30, check out the last time it happened (black circles)

評論: Wrong timeframe sorry, here is the picture i wanted to post:

交易進行: Looks like a perfect blow-off-bottom we just had, I think we will reverse and go upwards from here.
評論: All looks super bullish actually, time indicators, the bounce, we retested the symmetric triangle we broke out some days ago, at the moment we are forming a new bigger kinda ascending triangle in weekly timeframe which should bring us to new heights.
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