Step by Step to buying & selling Bitcoin

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So what if you had not yet heard about Bitcoin and all these craze about cryptocurrencies? Are you late to the party? Not really, imo . The market will always give you another opportunity but you have to seize it when it presents itself, like now.

I am geared towards selling for now than buy due to the bearish signals on the chart. For those who have not tried shorting and are not comfortable with it ,you may wait and monitor the price action before taking your position.

Could the latest kid on the block, India ban on bitcoin cause the recent selldown? Honestly, I don't know as I rely more on charts than the fundamentals (if any for cryptocurrencies). I read it merely to understand the global trend and use it as a rough guide.

The million dollar question is how far down will bitcoin goes down this time? Nobody can tell for sure and it seems pretty tough to catch the bottom, imo . If you had bought at the last low of 9000+ , you would have made a handsome profit when it rebounded to 13,000+ before coming down again.

Always trade with care, use SL, reduce your position if you are unsure (you need not trade all the time), keep to your strategy, know what is your risk exposure.

Above all, have fun in trading/investing.

評論: nice, it breaks the 618 FIB level, awaiting for it to fall further.
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