118% Return by 16th February!

There is a strong support level at $10,000 at the green horizontal line, partly because of the strong uptrend at this level but also a psychological support level . I expect that at this price, many whales will rush to buy. That being said, I find it unlikely that it will go below $10,500.

There is a bullish flag pattern (in purple) signifying a trend continuation of the previous uptrend, we can expect the height of the previous climb being the maximum amount this breakout will raise the price of BTC             .

The pattern is approaching the support level and once it reaches this, we should see a lot of bullish activity and volume . This movement will move in the direction of the green arrow. I suggest to buy within the price range of $10,000 - $12,500 however I believe you'll also gain a nice profit if you buy at a slightly higher price too.

Targets are right below visible resistance that the graph has shown and are as followed with percentage profits calculated using buy range stated above:

Target 1 : $16,768.69
Profit : 34% - 68%

Target 2 : $19,217.66
Profit : 54% - 92%

Target 3 : $21,862.55
Profit : 75% - 118%

Now I believe that once the $20,000 price is breached, there could also be a very strong psychological support driving the price even higher! For this reason, I would recommend keeping some of your investment after Target 3 has been reached.

If you have any questions or comments, please comment or send me a message, I try to reply to them all :)

Please keep in mind that I am not a financial adviser, please trade at your own risk.

評論: We have breached under 10k for a short period of time however quickly returned above it.

My idea is that the Chinese took out money from their portfolios ( and BTC ) in preparation for Chinese New Year and this caused the price to fall that low.

The quick bounce back shows strong support around the 9,300 to 10,000 area and I feel like this could be the worst of it and the arrow will actually start now ( 5 days earlier ) so it only makes sense that we can predict target 3 being hit by the 11th of February!
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