BTC/USD long term theory

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Trying to do some TA on long term.

Big pink triangle: mapped high and low for the past year.
A,B,C,D: resistance lines created by the highs during the correction.
Delta start - current: the different in the trend from the start of the correction until the point of creating this idea.
Drop: area where the correction would be greater than the current delta. this would mean larger volume selling or FUD. (6000 support might hold, but could break)
Orange zone: zone we will enter if the correction stays stable and fails to break resistance A, this means there is some long-term support and the 6000 support will likely hold.
Buy zone: if the 6000 support hold, this is a great zone to get in.
Sell zone: zone to sell before hitting new resistance.
評論: Looks like we've hit the sell area!
Think we'll keep trying to push through the resistance (sell zone) or fall back to the orange or possible red (buy zone)?
評論: Find support at the broken resistance line B?
Else we're looking at A around 8700 to offer support
評論: First retest of resistance C.
If BTC reaches 11150 it think we'll go for resistance D
評論: 11150 reached, next step 11600 or 10000?
評論: Important days ahead!
will the B-line (9900) offer sufficient support? or will we drop back to A (8500) or below?
評論: B-line offered enough support to hold the price during the H&S created in the sell zone.
If we can break resistance C again, we'll give resistance D another shot around 11K. If we break thorugh D and are able to hold it for a day, the bulls are likely to return and push the price to 14K+.
If we fail to get past C, we'll prolly return to 8600 or even lower.
Well looks good and what could happend.