-BTC in its 2 year bullish run (since 2015 started recovering) only once bounced from 0.38-0.5 and it was its first correction, while all the rest corrections bounced from 0.618 area.
-We have retraced to 0.5 fib from ATH already, that would mean we bounce from here and attack new ATH or "double top", or we drop under 0.5 and then "double top".
-If RSI stay for several days low it will recover slower in time.
-Expecting AB=CD bullish . D is around 8097$ (buy area 2)

Notice RSI swings are the same since 2015. Trading between 42-92 RSI (67 on average) while price is going up from swing to swing!
I could draw yellow horizontal line through center of these RSI swings in contrary to past price fluctuations.
I think this is signal of organic growth

BTC bullish "train" is still going.
But only 2 things at once might be concerning sign like spectre of longer time of recovering or even major correction:
1) bounce from 0.38 or below
2) low RSI for days

Buy from buy area 1 (fib 0.5), add on buy area 2 (fib 0.38)
交易進行: Today 17th of January 2018 is expiring date of BTC contract futures which started on 10th of December 2017 on CME. Thats why I am even more bullish today.

How large players, hedge funds and institutions manipulated price and earned twice $$:
1) took short bet at 15k contract futrure on DEC 10
2) accumulated a lot of BTC at 15k on DEC10 (pumping a bit) in order to later dump these BTC to lower price
3) days just before expiring date of contract, they dumped BTC in order to fall below 15k
4) price went even lower then sold
5) bought back cheap BTC + $$ for short contract

bet short -> Accumulate (Pump) -> Dump to dip below bet -> Buy Cheap +get cash for contract
To be honest I only understand 50% of your analysis. But I hope it returns to it's good old days. Otherwise it gonna smell like wrecking (Rekt)!
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