Bitcoin Fibs for Target $10,000 by Jan-20 and Nov-5 target $7000

These are my Bitcoin Fibs for Target $10,000 considering our recent level at $5800-5900 is considered a resistance level that will be no more than 61% retrace after hitting $10k.

I'm hesitant to state that we may break out of the current Pitchfork . We're near the upper edge now and if we to break out, we could really move up and I may have to update my pitchfork again in a month or two after we see the new trendline emerge.

Being that we're near the top of the pitchfork , we may go sideways and slowly upward for a bit with a slow increase until Jan-20th where we could still be near or around the $10,000 mark if we stay in the upper level (unlikely). Alternately, we may still bounce around between the top and bottom of the pitchfork until January and could hit a high of $8-10k while staying in the current pitchfork .

If we break above the pitchfork (I'm kind of thinking we will, which means the future will be uncertain. Great but uncertain and could get more volatile for a month or two after a rapid rise.

If we drop within the current pitchfork , currently we could see numbers as low as $3000-3600, but I'm doubtful that we will fall that far without some major event causing a flash-crash.

I feel we are very much on track for a November 5th target of $7000 coming to fruition and if this target is hit, we could see a rapid rally out of the top of the pitchfork , possibly jumping another $1000 to $8000 within a 24 hour period after that.
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