BTC Any "VIP Memberships are a SCAM" Watch your Credit Card

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Some so called "experts" are selling these scam memberships and subscriptions online check them out before buying or giving a credit card to anyone.
評論: Watch out for the "Experts" on here.
評論: Watch these as BTC rises a bit - be careful.
評論: Even more so now with this bounce - be careful.
評論: ^
評論: ^
評論: ^
評論: ^
評論: ^
評論: Be very careful with these " VIP" memberships during this bounce
評論: This includes ANY groups - chat rooms etc that ask for a credit card!!!
評論: Even more so now with the bulls pounding the table
評論: ^
評論: Careful during this bounce on these VIP Membership pitches.
評論: Careful here in this area as we drop
評論: Be careful on this bounce for these "memberships"
can you explain #Comment: ^# sign...
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@london55555 Still Bearish? I saw this bulltrap coming form a mile a way, but the news generated around it has me wondering if this is an actual reversal.
@evanp90, This is a call from a guy that down almost 50% for the year or $400 million in his fund lost so far - perhaps he's correct but we won't be buying this bounce but thank you for the comment.
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evanp90 london55555
@london55555, Good point. I also think allot of the news is owned or influenced by large investors. I think it started around the time of this tweet from novograts:
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evanp90 evanp90
@evanp90, The smaller crypto news outlets.
@evanp90, Don't get me wrong these are exceptionally bright guys but the easy money has been and was made by these people 4 years ago.
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