BTC on the Rise; Big Changes Could be Ahead in the New Year

Moving into the new year we could see some big changes with BTC ; LTC is still on it's gold horizontal line and looking to move up. Will the markets let it rise? BTC is incurring high fees, low transaction speeds, and is breaking down at high transaction volumes (the whole exchange gets blocked up when people trade too quickly). Could be left behind this year if updates are not implemented or adopted. It is fine admiring bitcoin as king for now, but giants can fall when given the right opportunities. Not currently investing in BTC ; new connections and trading partners must be formed with LTC first before BTC can even be considered something that is left behind. For now LTC seems to be hugging it's horizontal trendline and will continue.
評論: XRP is becoming a dominant polarity to BTC as well; challenging anonymous exchanges. Banks love Ripple; crypto's primary goals are being challenged by it (privacy). New attempted tax laws are obviously not going to work on a crypto exchange; no one HAS to pay taxes in crypto currencies; therefore governments and banks are going to start to get angry
HI, I have BTC in futures. I had bought at 15,000. Do you think I should just sell while I am up a bit? BTC seems risky right now. Especially futures
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@Fiyi77, not hsilling but btc most likely will go through the roof in next month, not saying well never see 15k again, but it def will have some huge gains inbetween
cryptonaive cryptonaive
@cryptonaive, watch total market cap at coinbase, its going to 600bil again, good sign.
@Fiyi77, I think you would be fine to keep investing in BTC; I'm just wary when it starts to approach 19000 USD as last time orders were backed up on the exchange for an hour or so if I remember rightly. There is plenty of coverage of BTC movements on tradingview that is why I don't offer much if any analysis on it.
in LTC
will there be any increase in the near future ........Please advise
thomas58700 AshishSikka
@AshishSikka, Yes, it is currently increasing, on a nice upward trend
Bitcoin cash could take LTC shines away. When lee sold all of his stake in the company, I lost hope and sold mine. It wasn’t a conflict of interest for him to sell them, he was the damn founder.
thomas58700 austinmfcoats
@austinmfcoats, true, bch should come in before ltc
LTC mooooon party!
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