BTC Target $6600

This is an evolution of the attached idea.

Targets now clear.

Dip buying opportunity for the short term rn IMO .
評論: Good chance we will retest highs or 6300 range today.

評論: TD says go long rn on the candle close

交易結束:目標達成: Hopey ou enjoyed the ride.

Too many red flags now for me to continue in this trade - profit secured, ill update shortly when it is clear what path to follow.
Make it a lucky number 6666.66 then :)
what is this numbered indicator?
@smrsss, TD sequential
smrsss filbfilb
@filbfilb, thanks alot.. and what are the guidelines or setting of using this one?
@filbfilb, Sorry for stupid question, but what is TD acronoym for? Target something?
filbfilb ChristianYesdal
@ChristianYesdal, its the initials for the guy who came up with the strat.. Tom De Mark
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