BTCUSD Intraday setup 7

BTCUSD hit our previous analysis at intraday setup 5

Now this coin complete three drives pattern inside rising wedge pattern, and already hit wedge resistance.
Both of this pattern is danger, with bearish result,
if this coin drop :
1. we have support at 6063.91 and
2. three drives pattern projection at 5391.00

For bullish ,, we still have symetrical triangle projection at 6939.40 (from intraday setup 6), but we have to break this bearish pattern first.
i will update this analysis if :
# we have bullish pattern
# Support reach
# or three drives pattern projection reach

Happy trading, good luck.
If you have any opinion, about this analysis,.. share your comment, and very appreciated if you hit like/agree for this analysis
評論: previous analysis :
取消訂單: rising wedge break up, this analysis close
交易結束:目標達成: triangle projection reach
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??? 50/50
throw a coin into the air ...
any indication when will start to dip again for long ...5800 atleast
Looks very logical. Hits all the indicators. Will be good opportunity to buy back in.
@BillMeyer, Really? it just rushed over 7k, crushing his triangle projection.
BillMeyer thecoinsigliere
I actually had the two charts opened and meant to comment on his second chart that was changed.
+1 回覆
BTC is going to for sure fall. The reboot is going to be the cause of this upcoming fork November 16th.
+2 回覆
Depictograph DreamANightmare
@DreamANightmare, in your dreams
+1 回覆
DreamANightmare Depictograph
@Depictograph, Watch your profits go poof!
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