Now it's obvious what happened

Wish I saw this before, always learning.

Noticed the bull flag and was scared of it, but as you know those patterns don't always follow though. The candles though definitely confirmed the pattern and wish I saw that.
評論: I'll be targeting the top of the first target, then seeing what happens. Personally I believe we're going back down but that may change depending what happens.

Never believe you're right, always update your ideas with the more data you get.
評論: PS - The reason I'm targeting the top of the target and not the purple resistance line is because we've always broken the resistance line.
評論: Last update on this trade:

Look at the small volume on the buyers pushing up, it's not convincing at all

We're definitely going down but how far? Hope you got the short at the first post.
評論: Very last update:

BTC Longs forming a bear flag

評論: Had to give 1 more update, excited about this short (and in profit):
評論: Hope y'all made your $$$$ !

I'm still holding my short with a take profit set believing it will still go down... If It doesn't, I'll still be in the $ so don't think you can short after all this even though it currently looks like a short scenario.

I'll update you on the next for sure move though. Follow me and look for the next chart when I post it.
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