4 reasons that may be boosting the price of Bitcoin in April

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Gerelyn Terzo, a journalist who has been analyzing the financial market for more than 20 years, believes that the decline in Bitcoin's price is just a moment and the upward flow of the crypto-coins market will resume growth even before the second half. For him, several factors are related to the fall, among them the pressure of international regulators and the announcement of large platforms, such as Google , Facebook and Twiter, to ban ads on this market, causing doubts about the credibility of projects and the market as a everything.
Entretranto, Terzo, also quoting CNBC's Brian Kelly, believes that four other factors will boost the recovery that should begin before the second half of this year:
End of the "tax season" in the US
April 15 marks the end of the tax season in the United States. Investors who profited from Bitcoin's massive December boom are having to raise money to pay for Uncle Sam now, which could account for a percentage of bitcoin's sales flow earlier this year. Kelly and Terzo also believe Telegram's initial money supply ( ICO ) may have attracted much investment in BTC .

The Japanese exchange Coincheck is being sold to the Monex Group, which has the US-based TradeStation as part of its activities, which could mean a new exchange, with unique graphic features for trade and therefore the flow of new investors

History is allied to Bitcoin
According to analysts, March is historically a difficult month for bitcoin , dropping almost all previous years. However, April, also compared to historical data, one of the best trading months for the price of bitcoin , "rising five of the last seven years," Fundstrat says.

The forces in favor of Bitcoin are stronger than the forces against him. Bitcoin's major markets around the world, including the United States, are awaiting a regulatory framework that takes shape to take the uncertainty that looms over the crypto market, among other reasons and can be the catalyst that crypto-markets need to take them at the top, after all the recognition in international entities such as the G20 and EU, as proposed by France, confers an institutional and legal status, with potential to attract numerous new investments
good points. I still think recover to ATH will take most of the year with another test of 6k in May. The 1D chart looks so similar to 2013/2014 but I expect the recover wont take 3 years as before
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