#BTC Critical moments are not yet over!!

1774 9

-Move Around the Critical levels we mentioned at $3850 ( SMA 100) on the daily frame, and there is some weakness from these levels with Bearish Divergence

-for that, Btc needs to passing these levels with closing above $4100/4600/ Daily/ weekly for more rise and keep this bullish movement.

-but if Btc fails to do that and showing more weakness signs probably we will see Btc price drop to $3650/3550 ( SMA 50) again as the first support for bulls.

-So, Check Your active trades and be sure you follow risk management well.

Current situation you can redraw trend again
so the broken trend doesn`t mean anything without breakout the resistance
we wish you are read and understand our updates and info we share with you well

Previously Redraw

Current Active Signals:

$3150/3250 Gained +24
Next Targets
Sl At entry

$3322 Hit targets at $3650
Next Targets
Sl At entry

$3700 Achieve Target at $3850
Next Targets
Sl At entry

Below $3000 This is your trading Plan 2019/2020

Good luck to all.
The Wild Crypto™,
We ask Allah reconcile and repay

評論: #BTC

The Game still on, and eyes looking to $4000/$4600 as confirm key to keeping the rise

We ask Allah reconcile and repay
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: #BTC
3 Days passed and btc moving around $4000/$3850

As we said before $4100/$4600 is a critical levels for more BTC to keep rising and if btc fail to close above these levles daily /weekly
probably we will see btc price decrease to $3650/$3550 as first support for bulls.

Daily frame:
Shows wicks around (SMA 100)
Bearish Divergence
And if current daily candle hit $3840 or close on it this means bearish engulfing also will added to these bearish signs.

So, check your current active trades and be sure you are following risk management as well.

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: For that, we set $4100/$4600 as a critical levels and keep saying be sure you follow risk management
#BTC Update for Next Days!!

Related to the previous updates

Good luck to all.
The Wild Crypto™,
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Remember when you said it would go to zero with some dumbass gann analysis. I do. All you top TV people call every which way of the market. 1. it misleads people who are new. 2. How do you trade with that strategy? Do you have a position in BTC? If you do when did you switch from calling for 0?
HamadaMark WhaleWatchersTrading
Salaam Dear @WhaleWatchersTrading,

Sure I remember that, mostly I remember many things, but I want you to take a look before making judgments if you meant this article and I'm sure you meant it
first, this was education idea, and I`m very sure you didn`t read anything there before you write this comment, due to if you take 2 min to check this article as you did with this comment, you will never say something like that about us,so please again take a look before making judgments on people

and this our article for you to read it and I`m waiting for your replay after that.

HamadaMark WhaleWatchersTrading
also, We do not oppose any comment from anyone, but there is a better way to express your opinion @WhaleWatchersTrading,

This Not dumbass gann analysis
All you top TV people call every which way of the market " This Wrong if I`m bad this not mean all bad also if u see me as a good person this not mean all people the same"
it misleads people who are new " This not us Dear @WhaleWatchersTrading, all work done from our side was to help people here
How do you trade with that strategy? Sorry it`s My business, not yours
Do you have a position in BTC? Same answer? Sorry, it`s My business, not yours!!

Again after you done from reading our article we are waiting for your reply
Best regards, Salaam
@HamadaMark, I'm sorry <3
+1 回覆
HamadaMark WhaleWatchersTrading
No problem Dear @WhaleWatchersTrading, don`t worry, all is fine, we just need to know what your thought about us after you read the article, Do you still thought we are bad people and Our TA is dumbass gann analyses between this was TA analysis at These time

Also, you can take a look and check all analyses we shared for btc since we joined TV until now, and the wrong or bad one just added a comment below it saying "dumbass gann analyses" and for the good one skip it even don`t say good ignore good and looking for bad , feel free to do that Don`t worry, due to this our rules before post anything to people

before looking for trades, look for credibility
In the other, we are human, do wrong and right
but the shame if we ignore our mistakes and mentioned right things only

Never ignore your mistake we saw some people ignore signal when it hit stop_loss
they just post new updates or new signal, we said before wrong or right you are human and that normal, but never ignore your mistake if you did, You wouldn't be authorized to take responsibility, and confidence in you, will be non-existent, so Please pay attention and learn the lesson

First Video Publication titled, "We WILL Go To $4,075 at a Minimum Before Exhaustion."

Second Video Publication titled, "Downward Pressure in Near Term but NOT Mid Term; Which See..."
RSI are incredible highly diverging on 1h... Soon btc will drop :/
+2 回覆
TalesFortes TalesFortes
@TalesFortes, And MACD are also in divergence.... RSI and MACD divergence never fail...
+2 回覆
HamadaMark TalesFortes
@TalesFortes, let us watch and prepare for next operation :)
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