Bitcoin to 6k and why

You believed that Bitcoin has reversed so we are in a uptrend but now you are not that sure? This is why:

1. There is no real volume nor bullish power in the market so far.
2. The price still under the big downtrend line created at 17th december.
3. Just today we touched EMA 50 and got rejected.
4. We have made a double top on last head and shoulder neckline.
5. The price has test the uptrend line several time without success.
6. 6k floor Is the only reliable horizontal resistance. Big things will happen at that level, so we have to be alert.
7. Big players are coming to this space, and trust me, they want cheap coins.

However I´ll be ready if the price suddenly get reversed. A candle closed above the big triangle resistance and the EMA 50 in the daily chart will bring a very high probability confirmation that we are in a long term uptrend.

It is risky opening long positions at this stage? Yes it is.
Could my current vision of the market get destroyed by a huge green candle? Yes it could happen, however the probabilities are quite low.

Everybody including me is extremely bullish in There is a huge opportunity around the 6k level and below, but it is up to you compare this analysis with many others here of your preference and take a solid decision about where you are at this moment and where you want to be later.

評論: Bulls momemtum is completely out of the game. Next target at 7728.
評論: Bear flag formation in the 1 hour chart.
評論: h4 false flag broken.
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Seems doing the opposite of you say yields profit.
babyjungle samiswilf
@samiswilf, I explained in my this idea the scenario and why I failed
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