Same Ol' Human Emotional Cycle, Just An Accelerated Version

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Different times, different sources of money, different pace... but you can't skip the same ol' human emotional cycle. When you touch fire, it hurts. When you're thirsty, you drink. You can't fight human nature. Flow with the ocean, not against it. This one time; I almost died in a creek during a flash flood. You know what I did? I swam down stream with the current slightly sideways until I reached a side tree.

Back then; I didn't know why that happened to me. In hindsight; every single little thing you do and experience in life all adds up eventually. This is why I am a good trader.

I drew this rough sketch bootleg pink trend line on my chart a few days ago and it is following it pretty close, yah? Btw; my short was somewhere in the 200% range before the last dead cat bounce. Hope you didn't fall for it..
Hey James, I wonder why you didn`t consider jumping into LTC before LiteCash aires? Don`t you think this could provide some substantial gaines, provided timing is right.
Nice job on the short! I'm just going to sit in fiat until BTC hits bottom, but what do you think about DGD? Seems to always go up when the market is red.
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