It's about time

1741 13
Watch out. Break out, next try.
評論: knocking on the fib. :)

hint: make this chart yours to see the fibs and more historical trendlines
評論: Bullish fundamentals:
competitive devaluation of fiat currencies
banning of cash (f.e. 500€ notes in EU)
negative interest rates / no interest for holding money at bank account with volatile currencies means increase demand for store of value assets
bitcoin as modern store of value
capital controls

評論: upper channel line (blue) hit see comments
評論: bitstamp break out of the blue channel for new high $$$ exciting time, chart needs some updates when it holds above
評論: Targets: 600 - 727 - 900
Support: 540 - 502
See comments
評論: we are breaking the 727 level stamp :-)
評論: hard to guess the next move, 900 or testing support... so i booked partial profits at 740$
評論: seems like this was the brexit pump and dump. peeps already talking about "Bitcoin As a Hedge Against Economic Uncertainty".

Comparing GBP vs bitcoin chart shows bitcoin top and gbp bottom at the same time.
Fundamentals are still bullish, looking to buy back the reversal.
評論: china levels
評論: Expect more volatility over next days, ATR14 levels off at 40$, its because halving is coming closer (ETA: 09 Jul 2016). Margin money could have a hard time here, market makers prolly try to squeeze both directions, we have seen this before.

Nevertheless seeing gold and silver going into a bull market, its unlikely that bitcoin is entering a bear market. So I see Bitcoin going sideways or up over medium term but with high volatility.
評論: china long term levels http://i.imgur.com/Zbqc5eo.png
評論: bear whale? ;-) http://i.imgur.com/pdSbpxV.png

most likely this
600 is broken gentlemen :-)

lil' update. Daily breakout from blue channel. Seems like first support found at the old upper channel line, second support 502$ (Nov high).
Assuming we are still retracing the ATH: Target1 600$ and Target2: 727$ and Target3: 900$
But notice that daily rsi is already high.
Good one
koryu spinte7
thx, on the bullish side we have this sick montlhy channel still intact, with bollinger bands going up
Looking good, strong push at channel bottom touch and ascending RSI

Finally hit the channel's upper line. Maybe a little correction now but I am not sure.

bitstamp monthly, bull view
Nice chart :)
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koryu Ingemkts
thank you :)
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