BTCUSD Possible Inverse H&S

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BTCUSD might be preparing for its long overdue rally against USD by forming an inverse H&S pattern. If that scenario works, it might also trigger BTC's giant flag and after some consolidations once it hits its short term goals, BTC can continue upwards.
dont one buyin more btc.bubble burst
showmethemoney7 GordonGekko33
@GordonGekko33, Perhaps. I won't dream, I follow technical analysis and try to understand what might the next movement be. Technicals cannot 100% predict the future, but they can show possibilities. It is up to you how to build your investment strategies. However your comment seems a bit emotional, it seems you believe coins are bubbles and will burst soon. Maybe but you need to show some analysis or evidence to back your claim. I, at least, put some charts to support mine. Regardless, good luck to all investors. Only time will tell :)
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