BTCUSD chartanalysis (before CME Future ends 26th Jan)

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my next try to figure out what could be possible in BTC the next days. Still I think we will see a further dip the next hours/day, the downward trend is still active (orange + black line). The shortterm upward trend is already broken now (cyan line), RSI and MACD changing (Arrow). Red dotted line marks the end of the CME BTC option.

I expect a further falling of prices, maybe just until the shown circle, maybe even further till the buy zone. After the closing of the future BTC-contract I expect a rally to mh lets say somewhere higher. The black curve shows an in my opinion possible option how prices could go...

I took a look on CoT data of the CBOE contract also, just to get an idea where the big players are located at. I know CBOE is not CME but I couldn't find CoT-data for CME so far (any suggestions where to find them?). Still many of the big players are short in my opinion. But it's the CoT from 16th Jan I checked, new data comes on 26th Jan, but after closing of the CME BTC option.

Here's the link to CoT data
they come weekly every friday

Let's see how things are going. Do your own research, this is NOT a financial advice here!!!

Please leave yout thoughts on that TA here, I would appreciate! Good luck, all the best!
haha sorry mate that was me & 1 other throwin charts aroound over the last 10 minutes wanted a higher short price ;p
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