The BitChoin is Back

I took a break from posting on crypto to focus on the trading action during the MASSIVE EXPLOSION during December that took prices above and beyond all extreme harmonic targets. Now, BTCUSD has paused for a few weeks since peaking shy of 20k AND IT IS NOW READY TO RESUME THE UPTREND. I am still sticking to harmonic pattern framework, assessing immediate measurements and extreme possibilities. The current pullback in BTCUSD presents an ideal area to pinpoint the next continuation higher. Specifically, we have harmonic pattern formations and distinct RSI developments that are triggering the resumption of the uptrend.

IMMEDIATE: The recent breakout of both price and RSI are significant harmonic events that trigger a minimum test of a Bearish Gartley@88.6% THAT WILL RETEST 19K

EXTREME: AN IMMEDIATE BREAKOUT TO THE 1.618 (or higher) above 25K where the Crab Pattern completes. ( Harmonic structure more likely)

FINAL NOTES: I recently held a crypto-harmonic webinar that outlined HARMONIC BREAKOUTS with Complex RSI formations. (Check my Youtube Channel) I addressed these strategies in crypto-markets, and despite extremely speculative action many of these still have momentum. Alt coins such as LTCUSD , XRPUSD , ETHUSD , ZECUSD are accelerating. This manic pace will continue for now but not forever.
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