BTCUSD (D): Why Bulls will be back & Lightning is a game changer

1. Why are the bulls coming back?

Sales of crypto currencies are expected only until mid-April. US crypto holders owe the state billions of dollars in capital gains taxes. At the end of March, the IRS recalled that virtual or digital currencies are taxable, as are asset transactions. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is the federal tax authority of the United States and reports to the Treasury Department. If somebody does not file his tax return properly by mid-April, he can expect high fines. Effects on the crypto market: These tax sales have reinforced the weak start of the year, but it is to be expected that the bulls will return after April 17, the tax day. The acceptance of Crypto continues to grow!

2. Why is Lightning a game changer?

Lightning can turn Bitcoin into cash. This means sending 0.00000001 Bitcoin without fee, directly from user to user. There are practically no scaling limits, no VISA, no Ripple or DPoS can process any number of payments per second. Lightning can. You can find a good summary here: Lightning means payment consensus in the millisecond range - up to seconds. The payment is then also already completely done, not as with a bank transfer or credit card only guaranteed and must still be processed. Atomic swaps can easily convert anything: lightcoin to bitcoin to dogecoin or whatever - only sha256 is required. At last real micropayment down to the street vendor in every country! The global economy can thus reach a new level. Mining will be gradually phased out because fewer and fewer bitcoins are created and fees are only due when a payment channel is closed.

It is to be expected that this awareness of Lightning will already become established in 2018. Then a further very, very strong up of Bitcoin can be expected. All lightning compatible nodes (coins) will behave similarly. Even dogecoin could make sense in the micopayment area. The basic idea is that the cryptos that can be addressed with lightning will accumulate most of the market capital. A further part will be accounted to the Turning machines, those that can execute smart contracts (ETH, NEM , NEO, gaphene, bitshares, Decent, verge etc). Then come special applications such as Monero, Dash, zCash, Metronome, Steemit or Blockchain-as-a-service. For some time the Bitcoin Golds, BCash etc. will be kept, but they are more suitable for Bitmain/China because they don't want to give up mining. Ripple is not an open structure, actually not even a real crypto - but it could get a lot of attention because of access to the establishment of banks.

But what is even more important and speaks for Lightning... All coins whose mining can be produced by ASIC are firmly in the hands of Bitmain. Mining is intended to decentralize the transactions, the opposite is the case. PoW (Proof of work) is no longer a meaningful matter and should be replaced by PoS (Proof-of-Stake). That means PoW is no longer state of the art. ETH is working on Caspar, Bitcoin on Lightning. Although Lightning is not a real PoS , it solves the scaling problem and can accordingly establish itself as a quasi PoS solution.

All in all, we can look to the future of Bitcoin , Litecoin and Co. with confidence... That's how I see it now.

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)
評論: BTCUSD (D): Situation chart ... update

評論: BTCUSD (D): New trend channel possible. Situation chart.

評論: BTCUSD (D): update. on the ways to the MA200. if the MA200 breaks further up safely.

評論: BTCUSD (D): update. possible sideways correction within the trend channel.

評論: BTCUSD (D): update. fight against 9000. if it breaks, more up possible. otherwise siteways and then up. trap in a trap in a trap ... btc is still in the trend channel. all in all positive signals.

評論: BTCUSD (D): update. BTC broke EMA200 (blue) and also MA100 (red) and MA200 (black) could also break ... good signs

評論: BTCUSD (D): update. upward trend stop at the ma200. correction within the trend channel possible. 9000 is a pschological support line. if it breaks, a correction to about 8500 is possible. if the support line resists, it can go up again after a sideways movement.

評論: BTCUSD (D): Situation chart. consolidation and loading up ...


Also have a look at my new chart: "Why Trend Reversal and Bitcoin is headed to the next Moon?"



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Thx for following A N D thx for helping.

As par UTC time Zone today is the last day of the week, it looks like it will form a gravestone Doji candle if the bull does not play well. 20 week MA is in support now. what do think
btcinvests VIPIN_IITK
@VIPIN_IITK, yes, possible. i look currently more to rsi.

Fantastic Summary on lightning! What do you think of DPOS?
@dhgh21, thx for your comment. :-) I will write a few lines.
+1 回覆
Maybe it is going to 8400 before more up, like your penultimate chart...
btcinvests Sidney-CWB
@Sidney-CWB, yes. possible. thx for your comment.
Hi thank you for the charts, do you have any updates?
btcinvests DariusKarremans
@DariusKarremans, done. :-)
+1 回覆
Where do you think a good level would be to place a sell order if this crashes?
@leondb, for what kind of trading? day, swing, position?
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