RickSmash - What I don't want to happen

I really really don't want this to happen but that's the impression I am getting.
Reasons why it shouldn't happen:

Transaction times have been MUCH faster in the last week.
Fees have been MUCH lower in the last week.
People should know that Lightning Network is making great developments which will be implemented *soon enough*.
Bitcoin is still the most secure network.
There is no Blockchain without Bitcoin .
Rootstock will allow all Ethereum DApps to be run on top of the Bitcoin Network at 700-2000txs / second.
Schnorr Signatures will drastically reduce transaction sizes.
Segwit is still not implemented on enough wallets, which leaves massive potential to speed up network and reduce fees.
If coinbase would batch their transactions and implement segwit we would probably see about an 80% reduction in the mempool. They said they are working on it.
Bitcoin will still reach a million dollars one day, so people are crazy to be selling it, or not buying it right now.

Thanks for reading. And no matter what happens, HODL your bitcoin . No weak hands!!
no worries, after tomorrow the 26, the FUD will stop and bull run will start. What a coincidence that tomorrow expires the CME group January contract. Settelement of the contracts is scheduled for Jan 31, according to their website. These two future contracts that have expired seem awfull related with the high lows, Jan 17 and Jan 26.
Just follow the market. Unless the altcoin/ICO bubble burst, I didnot see a strong recovery of BTC.
There's not even a slight correlation between the past and the future of BTC or any other coin. I don't the purpose of trying to figure it out... :p
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