Every April Since 2013

Thank you for visiting my first post!

Hopefully this chart will put this market into a broader perspective for you. As we can see, every April has led to a blessing of 30-200% gains over a 1-3 month following period. Right now, historically speaking, is probably the most reliable time of year to buy.

I understand the top TA's on here who are looking at the short term charts are saying otherwise, and I don't doubt that we may see a slight correction from here before moving upwards.
But some are suggesting today's spike was possible whales/manipulation. Other people are saying it was a FOMO pump. Here's why i disagree.
1. Whales are investors too, and are probably aware of this 5 year trend.
2. Today's pump was likely not the "whales," but people who saw last week's resistance become a line of support. If you look closely on the 1-month you see a small bounce off that new support line before the spike.

I have great confidence that Bitcoin is starting it's annual Spring bull run. It reminds me of a Buddhist quote:

"Even the god of Spring doesn't know where the flowers came from."

I love you, but this is not financial advice.
Click responsibly.

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