BTD/USD - Is BTC Going to Fall From Sky Start @ 01:30 UTC

Very short video simply to mark a spot on my charts of when BTC is supposed to fall to like $7800.

I came across a tweet that mentioned this and after clicking through tweet after tweet came across the orginal post. I think the guys name as Marcus Landom or something like that. Supposedly he's pretty accurate in his calls on cyrpto, so i thought I would post this video to make my chart with a vertical line of when the fall it supposed to begin. Apparently it's supposed to fall rather quickly.

I guess we will see. Let me know your thoughts.
評論: So i just saw an update on that post about BTC falling... they were saying this spike up is a bull trap to such folks in before rolling over.

hmmm... going to have to wait and see
Wow amazing info can you provide me the link to the tweet
You nailed it, where did you find that info?
50/200 yawn
There are some that say, and I am in this bag too, that bitcoin, albeit the godfather of crypto, will die off. Slow transaction speeds, expensive transactions, miners not so happy with BTC for not upgrading the code base etc... Other coins are doing more so support the needs of the many in commerce and BTC is not. Unless it changes it's attitude then it will go... simple
Do you still think it is going to happen at 1:30 utc
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Crypto_Sid ozenalp
@ozenalp, idk. I wasn’t saying it was going to happen. Just posting with a vertical line on chart to watch and see if it does
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