Short Term VS Bigger Picture. Death Cross and Whales

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Predicting Bitcoin short term is pretty difficult, lorra waves created to shake out little fish at the benefit of the whales (i.e when all fish feel bearish and short the market, the whales come in n squeeze them. when all feel bullish and fo long, the whales most probably will come in and destroy their longs and short sell in their buying orders.

I feel skeptical about this quick turn around in market sentiment, especially that just last week, we created a death cross on the daily chart (50 EMA went below 200 EMA )...that's insanely bearish , it could actually mean just the beginning of something nasty about to happen, I wont go long now. But at the same time, I wont go short now either, only with a part of my pfolio, then see action at the 50 and 200 daily EMAs...if we go and stay above 200 EMA , that's actually very bullish , but for now I'm sleptical about that...
so let's wait and see

I'll keep you guys posted with updates on this pattern, with updates in the comments.

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評論: What a break over the 200 daily EMA, with emphatic volume!

If today's candle closes above 200EMA and also above the log scale channel, It'll make me think that the bulls are in control, they finally would be defeating the strong bears of these last few months.

We did stop cold at fib. 0.5, but I think that's because everything is happening too quickk, so it's a good thing we didnt get passed that too yet.
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