Clear view on BTC vol.3

This time We have huge chance for bounce. As the time flew We have better picture here.
Finally proper additive volume appeared.
Chart explains everything. Bitcoin $13.500.
I will stream,answer and help.
評論: Fractals gonna fractal.
Buyback at $9000

評論: Buyback, refill.
評論: If You are confused about yellow line, You can check my previous idea with explanation, on 4hr time frame we have local situation that have influence on current price action. Neckline was local resistance, broken twice in both ways. Second one gave us clear sign, that price is bottoming out.
評論: Sometimes it's hard to predict the bottom, but there it is:

交易進行: entry call.

評論: should the price stick to neckline. In other case stop needs to trigger
評論: still retesting

評論: target $11.000

評論: up

評論: There is no reaction, We don't know for sure if yellow neckline has been declined

交易進行: BTC breakthrough. Target 12.400

評論: Succesful breakthrough takes us to safer place on this market. This time We need to track meeting with higher wing of bull flag.
Pure uptrend

交易進行: Atleast meeting with red line is expected

交易進行: Situation has quickly solved, there is caution zone. We have to let it go for a while, no trade there. White lines are possible scenario of bullflag and inverted H&S completion that could lead us to atleast $18.000

評論: SMA 50 resisting the price.
Next week will tell a lot
交易結束:目標達成: This was succesful trade, We will take profit there

i will set up new idea on BTC
So where now?

pinfkloyd BankBoy
Read carefully last update. "No trade there" That means We are waiting for proper signals before entry. Note,that I opened trade at 8800 then called core entry near 8100. If You are about to make action, this is good time to sell 1% of Your BTC giving a chance to Yourself that We will experience pullback.
Point is, some players will long inverted H&S and some will expect another leg down to lower flag wing. You can't predict future there, all You can do is wait for opportunity.
I hope I got clear with my statement, keep Your investments safe.
BankBoy pinfkloyd
@pinfkloyd, thx
pinfkloyd BankBoy
@BankBoy, no problem, take a step into my fresh statement on BTC
thanks, awesome insight here
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