15 min BTC divergence "Forecasting" .. I read it as I see it.

Interested readers,

Simply this is a 15 Min Bar Chart....which charts/forecasts divergence, using the tops/bottoms in their respective simple indicators available against pricing peaks/lows.

Then I place an arrow(s) for a short term "guess" at the next general movement....wait...till another opportunity to draw some more guessing. I just read what I see, it's only for short term movement, and the 15 min is fun to do it with.

I use other screens and indicators with tweaks not shown here, and follow BTC & ETH "many time zones" on yet other services when I'm charting this 15 min for us. -- I do this when I can...I do it in real time, I might and can update the past if I missed something, see you online!

I have more to add/write, hope I can update this, and the chart with simplicity for future postings. (First post and test)

Post away I will....Enjoy trading.

I remain humble and continue to learn.
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