17.5K Possibility using inverse head and shoulders

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17.5K Possibility using inverse head and shoulders
評論: incoming FUD

Jung Ki-joon, head of economic policy coordination at the Office for Government Policy Coordination, was found dead at his home on Sunday, a South Korean news agency reported.
Police presumed Jung suffered a heart attack while sleeping, the report said. A Wall Street Journal report said Jung, 52, "died from some unknown cause."
His colleagues also raised the possibility that stress — following increased pressure from crypto-related duties — led to Jung's death, the South Korean news agency reported.
hahahaha for me who died because he sold his btc in 6k usd and now the ship went
asdfghghj RodrigoGarreton
@RodrigoGarreton, Dude he is dead, what is this laughing? Please.
@asdfghghj, OK, since he is dead, I saved you from losing your money, then I bought you 150 btc via bank transfer, do you think?
asdfghghj RodrigoGarreton
@RodrigoGarreton, It's sure we are so different , ok do as you wish
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