Bitcoin a path to 100K

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Just a thought
評論: Idea still valid...instead of flat correction looks like we got a standard zig zag correction on the China Ban:
評論: Could also represent the "A" of bigger flat correction, time will tell.
@btc_joe What you think about this one ?

btc_joe aubajwa
@aubajwa, possible but I don't see it happening...
I approve this message, just keep the auto buys on :)
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What could be your ultimate target for BTC ? ...

See here; an interesting analysis
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btc_joe aubajwa
@aubajwa, wow what chart lol. Ultimate? As in the highest it will ever go? No idea. Millions is not out of the question on a long enough time horizon.
aubajwa btc_joe
@btc_joe, I think its more about the Ultimate possible target of current bull run... after which we could see a kind of crash...

Of course nobody can be sure of what could happen in 10 years...
btc_joe aubajwa
@aubajwa, sure so I guess 100k is as good a guess as any. Important psychological number.
aubajwa btc_joe
@btc_joe, I agree ; being a phsycological number..

But what ur technical analysis could predict ?

The chart I shared clearly shows the top trendline (in red) which could be a final resistance level before a possible deep correction...
It all depends when we could touch that line...
btc_joe aubajwa
@aubajwa, I'm predicting a rise to 100k in 2018...could we go into a bear market from there? Sure. Could we just keep climbing to god knows how high? Sure. Silly to me to try and predict what happens then, we'll cross that bridge when we get there (assuming i'm even right!)
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