BTC - bitcoin - trend is your friend "SPRING PREDICTION"

Hey all

At first we can see, that buy volume is increasing. We can compare it with December one, which is a good sign ;-)

Bearish trend is now ultra long, and bears are getting tired. Fudsters are getting tired. G20 has no clue, what to regulate, they just gonna realize, that they wan't to be a part of this king's train.

In this chart we can see support lines, from which BTC jumped many times. That cannot be ingored, so all the short lovers, maybe it is time to change your strategy. Bitcoin will not fall into your beloved 4k zone, not now, not in the near future.

We can expect some retraces, retestings, but generally the big picture is going UP again.

Spring is nice. Warm weather, love in the air, general sentiment is poistive, so this will also affect cryptomarket, as this market is full of sentiments :)

My prediction is still kinda conservative, but if trend is going, where is suppose to go, then we will enjoy warm weather with some nice Bitcoin gains.

Best regards
thank you. its exactly my thoughts.
good to read this.
trend is your friend!

in shortterm it looks dangerous bearish again, but i cant believe that!
i am pretty sure, we are midterm bullish at least until april.

actually i am a bitcoin believer anyway, so i dont care about the price of bitcoin itself that much.
but i invested in altcoins, it if bitcoin crashes again, all altcoin crashes too.

so i feel a bit unconfortable at this situation.
but i am really sure because "trend is your friend", that this bearish looklike is just a kind of a dip on his bullish way.

good to read this, that i am not the only one.
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bloodgood ToxuKim
@ToxuKim, Yes, as you said.

Bitcoin was "dead and forgotten" so many times. And every time Fud exhausted, Bulls kicked in, and brought new dimensions of Bitcoin value.

You are not the only one. Soon many will be jumping on bitcoin express train, as they did before, and high reward goes (as usual) to beleivers, when everybody was in fear.

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