Everyone Copy each other !! YAYA !! 0_o

314 10
This is what everyone sees....
I see a 200sma bounce....


Maybe all the "pros" should stop copying each others calls?
If we see 200SMA bounce then H&S will not form, if not it will.
Trade accordingly.
評論: 9k it is......
yeharrrrr we are going down........
mjtrustme console
check my last chart on BTC...@console, you are right, to many money hungry copy cats who want BTC at 3k because they didn't buy the 6k dip. SMH. I will refrain from posting so much and coming to this platform because no one is level headed.
looks like it might be in play, we probed below, if a true formation we should see 9k. but I think it will form a another right shoulder before that.
console TomPower
@TomPower, we have confirmations on H@s breakout
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Fish40 TomPower
@TomPower, I'm with u on this one. I'm following this guy on YouTube, and he's quite right in most of his things. Feel free to take a look (
(And i'm not TA, just a filter of the info that comes to me.)
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TomPower Fish40
@Fish40, wow the dude called the 10k and the 11.5k , subscribed!!!
Fish40 TomPower
@TomPower, nice, he deserves it! he's quite underrated, he actually predicted alot after the sell off of 22 decermber. Should've followd him way more then i actually did... well, but i'm looking to get out here for 50% of my ownings on the top (hope so) of the right shoulder. OR if it comes near around the 10k
Fish40 Fish40
@Fish40, not on the top actually but after it droppes 5% or so, cuz it can keep going up actually ^^
Not just copying each other they need to stop post charts when it break something and claiming that he/she knew it before.
console urbanknight
@urbanknight, I agree, so many rando's got into crypto over the past 6monhts its awash with money hungry kids...
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