Bitcoin: holding divergence

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Bitcoin is holding that divergences on 10.500 level. Let's see how it plays is
評論: It seems to me that moves are getting bigger but could be just me allucinating. Anyway, before I dive into it let's revisit this:
評論: By watching at this it's moving between 10K and 11k and looks like it is going for the 10K. Let's see
評論: Just that you know I am bearish shortterm on BTC but bullish longterm.
評論: It just made a strong pullback on the 5 miunte candlestik. Must wait to see how it end this move.
評論: 10.500K tested with RSI pointing upwords
評論: Little resistence there but should break
評論: Let's see if it can stay above this level
評論: It would need another small impulse to stay 15sec double top at 10.500
評論: It may not make it
評論: But at least is trying hard
評論: It should get momentum going now
評論: could be the beginning of a 3rd wave 15sec timeframe...still a little resistence at 10.622
評論: C'mon it's really pushing hard to stay above but it risk of exausting itself and suddently dive again
評論: Above 10622 it should start building short term bullish momentum
評論: Sorry 10.610
評論: It looks like a small H&S running for a top
評論: Little resistence 10610 holding
評論: Ok, let's see and be patient. I have to absent myself for a bit.
評論: It broke! Excellent. See you in a bit
評論: Pushing for a shorterm top on or below 11K...let's see if it holds the momentum
評論: Resistence at 10.750. This is the point in which it previously dived
評論: Feeling it and correcting. If this correction is sideways it may be a forth.
評論: If this is correct it will use the 5th to break it. Otherwise here is were the move ends.
評論: Looks like double top on that 10.750
評論: 10650 supported though
評論: it's trying to break it but looks exausted
評論: Untill it navigates between 10.750 and 10.650 (sideways) there is hope...but it it break you need to be alert and careful
評論: shorttime looks like that support will not hold
評論: But it may be a bears trap carefull...RSI 1min is going down big time and price not following
評論: Or at least following it very slowly and from a suspicious distance
評論: Could test the 10500 and jumps back up...don't know...we need to be patient and wait for opportunities
評論: 10600 was a previous short term resistance
評論: Rule is 4th wave cannot go lower than 1st wave top
評論: Sort term It is sniffing that top. lol
評論: Be carefull because after that double top it dived again back to 10500 and that top at 10600 was breached shorterm
評論: It could keep going down but if it holds and resume could go for that double top again...but this is really fast trading and it is very dangerous.
評論: Volatility of BTC creates nice swings short-term but they are too dangerous to ride. However they provide good informations on how longer term will develop. So it is important to follow them and try to put them into context.
評論: This level is a 50% fibo retracement of previous move
評論: RSI really stretching down, price not following
評論: it's just stuck there at 10.500
評論: It looks it will break it but its holding...this may be a signal for attacking that double top again...we need to wait and see
評論: 5sec chart indicatetes it will break it
評論: target 10438 but don't do it. just enjoy the moves.
評論: See. I was wrong. Never trust short term timeframes.
評論: It's attacking it again. Short-term bullish signal...and as Svebb rightly noted lows are getting higher
評論: Look at the snapshot I made yesterday of the 45minutes timeframe
評論: At this high we need to be carefull
評論: Sorry Svenbb, our hopes seems not will be least for the moment
評論: This is the 15min chart. The 10min chart (dont have it on here) was indicating it would have gone down
評論: Still could hold your lows though. Let's see
評論: Look at the snapshot I made yesterday of the 45minutes timeframe
評論: target 10300
評論: holding at 10412
評論: breaking it
評論: must keep pushing
評論: getting close
評論: c'mon
評論: little divergence on RSI 30sec
評論: 10340 stopped
評論: no it was just a pause
評論: 10278
評論: I've got targets at 10240
評論: Be very carefull though
評論: It may stop or pause at first target 10300 reached
評論: ok let's wait
評論: see how fast it moves?
評論: Ok. It did what it had to do but now it reached 10300 and it is pulling back a little bit. We have to wait and be patient for the next move
評論: So far it is holding at 10300...let's see...but I need to go now for a bit...don't think I can follow it anymore
評論: Look how the RSI shoots up on the 10300 whilst price do not follow
評論: It follows it but with a different pace
looks like it's nog breaking lower trend line ;)
svenbb svenbb
@svenbb, not breaking ;)
any idea on a target for this wave?
@svenbb, 10.9K 11K again but need to be alert
@svenbb, Important to undertand how it moves, be carefull
@svenbb, It feels a lot every previous little high
@svenbb, thank you for following but please note that I am an amatour like you and I am doing it as I hope it may help to understand price moves
svenbb cozzamara
@cozzamara, thanks ;)
any case lows are getting higher

looks like we are heading for the green circle

and indeed, we are all just amateurs
@svenbb, thanx for sharing. it may well be but that MACD seems a little bit already on the high side
@svenbb, but it looks like it want to stretch that least for the time being
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