BTC See you at $3,200 Before $1,226 All The Rest Is Just Noise

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$BTC Anyone trading or thinks he/she is trading these small bounces due to some "experts" EW analysis will absolutely blow out their account. Let me repeat - you will BLOW OUT YOUR ACCOUNT trying to trade these bounces. These bounces are nothing but noise. Period. #Bitcoin #Fintech #crypto
this charts ''adds nothing to the debate" the same as those who keep saying BTC will reach 1 million
I wouldn't disagree angrily or otherwise with someone who's apparently a (generous) senior in this game. However Consensus 2018 is just a month away. So there is Soros and whoever else like him shorting crypto and there is a very large and expensive crypto conference coming up that will surely bolster progress and sentiment.

Any thoughts you feel you can share london55555?
london55555 dRends35
@dRends35, Hello and thank you for the comment. Anyone that is truly serious about holding BTC for the long term must be concerned with the emergence of Mr Soros - simply take a look at what he did to the British Pound in the 1990's - apart from what our haters posting here say we're not saying that BTC won't do well in the long run but that will be after Mr Soros destroys it's value in our opinion. Good luck.
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dRends35 london55555
@london55555, Thanks again
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This will never hit $1200, I would love for it to as I would throw as much money as I could into it at that level but it never will. I always find it interesting when greedy shorts make a comment like this that adds ZERO to the debate. Perhaps you should take a look at bitcoins track record. I understand shorts are praying for this to keep dropping, might still head lower in the coming weeks but it will never hit $1200. I'm not gonna bother typing out my reasoning as your there is no point since you're clearly blinded by greed on your short position. People need to look at the bigger picture, technical analysis isn't gonna provide any help here. MACD this, RSI that none of it really matters on a longer term perspective. These drops are getting smaller and smaller and at this point they really mean nothing, even if it drops a little further below 6k. Longer term these movements at these levels over the past month or so won't even be a blip on the overall chart. Bears and people with short positions are going to troll this comment and get mad but open your mind and look at the long term picture. The US dollar is a fraud, when the system begins to collapse in the near future people are gonna be rushing to get there money into something more stable that will retain value (ie. gold, silver, bitcoin). The world is changing, everything we do is online and digital it only makes sense that the worlds money becomes truly digital. Paper money is becoming obsolete, blockchain technology and bitcoin isn't going anywhere. Just do some research on the evolution of money since the beginning of time and the pieces will start to fall into place.
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@pannozz, "Perhaps you should take a look at Bitcoins record" Well perhaps you should take a look at ours it's a public record on here and as to your comment that this post adds zero to the debate what does your childish "LOL" below add? I'm wondering if you - now that he's entered the game - consider Mr Soros a "greedy short" as you've called us in such a nasty way? Perhas you should take your own advice and do some research and see what Mr Soros did to the British pound rather than lecture us because you're in a one sided trade. Here's what you're missing with that nasty "greedy bears" comment - we're not bears at all - we're exceptionally deep value investors re FCX @ $4 $INTC @15 etc etc etc Obviously you're new at this and exactly the type of "trader" that will be caught on the dance floor when the music stops. We wish you luck - you're going to need it if you're long with Mr Soros on the other side of your trade. Good luck.
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