30,000$ is the next stop for Bitcoin

60% gains from here that will put bitcoin into the same MCAP size as FACEBOOK !!!

what exciting times gonna be holding 20% of my Bitcoin through the ABC correction that I expect coming in the spring of 2018

When I got into bitcoin it was under 200$ so too this type of growth is amazing

Looking forward to your thumbs ups and questions stay profitable out there!!
評論: Just to clarify when I say 60% gains I mean 56% and if we have a 56% increase in the value of bitcoin that would make our total MCAP for BTC at 519.85B Facebooks MCAP is currently 523.57B so that would mean Bitcoin would have nearly equal valuation as Facebook (one of the top ten biggest stocks by marketcap) next to Amazon Microsoft Apple Google and many others. $3 trillion peak that the dot.com bubble hit I think will look pretty small compared to the total valuation of crypto before any massive corrections. I am overall bullish until 2020 (minimum) and just expecting to see lots of little corrections and cycles for us to trade.
評論: Still valid just testing support and making a bigger 3 wave
評論: Short term target 23000

Bigger picture target 30,000+$
3 EW in a row? IMO you are too optimistic don't let your emotions cloud you.
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Looks like it will break out in the next 14 hours,
@Aishman, Very nice!!
Do you have an estimate? When you think it will happen?
Aishman RaulMMosqueiraGil
Dalin so you think the small corrections we will see include your pre spring downtrend cycle? In this case do you see BTC retracing to say 50% around 15k?
@jlantrip, Yep!
You're using the entire crypto market cap and calling it Bitcoins own market cap. Fyi
n.babenko96 captainsteez
@captainsteez, No he's not lol . The market cap of all coins is already over 500bill
Dalin_anderson captainsteez
@captainsteez, I'm saying that if BTC goes 60% then we will be at those levels (500B mcap) so you misunderstood me!
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