double doji trend reversal to the upside.

4001 70
double doji trend reversal to the upside.
評論: Failed Miserably - Double doji reversal to the downside
評論: nope it didn't fail - just took a minute . Patience
評論: Using the 4 hour candle it looks like BTC will be visiting friends at 10450 today but expect turbulence along the way .
The 4 hour candle also has a showdown in 40 minutes with its next dumping candle so expect some volatility .
評論: Note: the 1 hour the 4 hour, the 6 hour and the 12 hour candles will hit simultaneously in 30 minutes.
These are problematic candles with big punch and may take BTC one leg lower - but I expect BTC will recover.
評論: They look to be warming up now
評論: I would set a stop loss at 9500 as these candles can trigger a drop to 8900.
They probably will not as BTC still shows a climb to 10450 later but a stop loss at 9500 is a good idea for this upcoming dump .

評論: time is up let see what happens
評論: 9580 looks to be the end target

評論: This should be it for a few hours and BTC should go back up . The 12 candle hour will back in 10 hours and the 4 candle hour in 3 hours to cause more havoc .
評論: First profit target is 9920
評論: 10472 is still a target but the Journey there is volatile and it will take a good few hours to get there.
評論: correction first target is 9815 second is 9920
評論: 10494

評論: This is the hour candle dumping it should stop at 9640
評論: 4 hour and 1 hour will dump again in 45 mins . Can get to 9580 then move back upwards.
BTC is still signalling 104xx as the end move - but will l take a while
評論: next tagret 10656

評論: Incoming Trend reversal - dual doji after long upward climb

評論: BTC has to remain above 10219 or face the wrath of Khan.
評論: Triple top on the 15 minutes - A triple top usually indicate a reversal

whats a triple top
The Triple Top Reversal is a bearish reversal pattern typically found on bar charts, line charts and candlestick charts. There are three equal highs followed by a break below support.
評論: we can determine if its a break up or down move if BTC moves downwards past 10190. BTC has no current business in this 1019xx area
評論: Triple top - BTC needs to stay above 10190

評論: Breaking past 10410 escapes the triple top dilemma .
評論: Have to be careful here as this can also be a drop to 8900

評論: BTC has to break past 103xx or out the top of the triangle
評論: we could see BTC 99x at the minimum as the 1 hour candle is currently counting down . The bottom of the triangle looks like it can be hit also which is 96xx.

BTC has no business today in areas lower than 10190 today . So i think BTC will drop lower unless it moves back above 1019x . BTC also has no business today at 99xx. Going past this means much lower drops.

note: that the 3 dojis also have not been used yet so BTC can still break up or break down.
評論: Three black crows on the 10 minute candle indicating we will drop to 99xx

What does 'Three Black Crows' mean
Three black crows is a bearish candlestick pattern that is used to predict the reversal of the current uptrend. This pattern consists of three consecutive long-bodied candlesticks that have opened within the real body of the previous candle and closed lower than the previous candle. Often times, traders use the indicator in conjunction with other technical indicators or chart patterns as confirmation of a reversal.

Read more: Three Black Crows
評論: !2 hour candle has joined in and will take BTC down to 96xx , but this can take up to 6 hours,
評論: more possibilites

評論: Aha moment - There was a hidden support at 10016 which explains why BTC is going up and skipped the 99xx area . Can this bounce do the trick ? BTC needs to get above 10400 continue upwards.Above 103xx is a good sign also
評論: There's that unfriendly resistance at 10214 which needs to be crossed .
評論: BTC is testing 10215 a few more times , BTC the bull will usually head butt the opponent multiple time in an attempt to disable it.
評論: interesting observation . The lengths of ABC and D are approx the same - will E be 91xx ?

評論: The 4 hour drop distance for this move is 99xx so this may be it for a few more hours
評論: BTC just needs to get over 9912
評論: if BTC is unable to hold 88xx then the next stop will be 96xx .
評論: I : if BTC is unable to hold 98xx then the next stop will be 96xx . But i think BTC can hold 98xx for a few hours
評論: The big drop will be in 3 hours and 30 mins when the 12hour the 6 hour the 8 hour and 4 hour candles drop dumping candles simultaneously .
評論: ahh but BTC can get a run to 10218 while waiting
評論: There are 3 black crows on the 30 minute candle so if in this run take the profit at 10218 or 10200 to be safe
評論: The 1 hour candle will also trigger a dump candle in 15 minutes but the 15 minute and the 30 minute candles have flipped positive and can counter balance it .

The 3 hour candle has also flipped positive and can jump in to help the 15 and 30 if needed .
This is a high risk low yield gamble at $300 profit per BTC
評論: The candles to worry about are the 12 hour t the 8 hour and 4 hour candles but they have wondered off for 3 hours .
評論: BTC IS Moving fast to get to 10218 before the 1 hour candle show up in 3 minutes
評論: 30 seconds for the 1 hour candle to show up
評論: Haha that was a sneaky move - its going up .
評論: 10214 - may take a while

評論: There is also another target at 10711. But its unknown if BTC will dip before hitting it . This will depend on what the 12 candle hour does in 2 hours
評論: 1 hour candle will dump again in 5 minutes - can drop to 9766 but should bounce back to 99xx
評論: times up
評論: worst case the 4 hour candle; will stop it at 96xx and move it back up
評論: 1 hour is done dumping and BTC will try for 10010 .
評論: There's not much support in this area and slip will be a problem so BTC laid down a double bottom at 98xx for saftey.
評論: BTC hit 10010 , now it knows the way to 10218
評論: The bears are going to drop BTC to 9914 - But BTC has the double bottom backup at 98xx and will take another shot at 10218 after the dip
評論: 10 min candle ; will give BTC a boost in a few seconds
評論: 15 min candle has a backup candle coming up in1 minute to help out BTC
評論: 30 minute candle is also getting a backup candle ready in 15 minutes to help out BTC
評論: once BTC hits 101218 the 3 black crows are equalized with 3 white soldiers and whats left should be a candle to move BTC upwards to 10327 , The 30 min backup candle will also show up .
評論: Bears are going to try really hard to prevent the move to 10218
評論: This dump is because the 5 min candle laid down a dump candle . BTC should kick it out of the way in a minute or two
評論: The 10 minute candle will seal the deal for 10218 in 2 minutes - it will try .
評論: good idea to take some profit at 10200 area if trading
評論: ahh this is the 3 minute candle trying to help out the bears with a dump candle . BTC should kick it out of the way in a few minutes also 3 minutes really !
- it will try a 12 minute dump
評論: 10079 will attempt to catch it
評論: This a challenging spot as in 29 minutes the 12 hour candle shows up . BTC has to cross 10218 before this 12 hour candle shows up .
評論: On Bitfinex its only $48 more buck needed to cross 10218
評論: 90 minute candle has a backup candle coming in 3 minutes
評論: here it goes
評論: Im going to get off at this stop here and will rejoin after 10218
評論: that 12 hour candle makes me uncomfortable
評論: If BTC hits 10218 the 12 hour candle will fip positive and give BTC a boost up .
評論: The 4 hour candle has turned positive and the 12 hour looks like it may also . BTC is also contemplating 10326
評論: The 12 hour candle has teamed up with the 3 hour and 2 hour candles to cause havoc - but the 4 hour 8 hour and 9 hour candles will try to counter .

Estimated time of arrival 1 minute.
評論: Yes!! BTC got it !
評論: now onto 10326.
評論: BTC need to make one big candle to move right past 10326 , no stopping here
評論: This move will end at 10381, if you exited you can rejoin after the dip .
Never chase a moving target.
評論: Possible triple top at this location .
評論: 3 white soldiers on the 15 min should be able to take BTC to 10353
評論: triple top pullback should stop first at 10211
評論: down to 10200

評論: stop at 99xx and go back up
評論: this should be it for a few more hours -
評論: now we can get back to making $$
評論: The drop distance of the candle drop is only 10021 so it has to bounce back to that value
評論: 4 hour candle is always starting something ,never a dull moment when hes around.
評論: Luckily this BTC and BTC always bounces back,
評論: This four hour candle will be forced to move back to 10021 everytime ,
評論: because the dump distance is not correct
評論: The 4 hour candle has another dump in 30 minutes - no matter what it does it will still get pulled back to 10021 as the distance dropped is incorrect.
評論: The real dump will be when the daily MACD crosses over
評論: Because the sum of the candles are unequal due to the dump . The current 4 hour candle will be pulled back to 10021 minimum every time it strays . This can only change when the next 4 hour candle comes along
評論: The next 4 hour dump candle will be along in 7 minutes - but BTC is already hinting at 10608.
評論: this new 4hr candle can hit 97xx but it will come back up and move higher
評論: 10300 incoming

評論: One hour is about to dump in 2 mins
評論: BTC eyeing the 97xx area with every dump
評論: The Daily MACD has crossed , pack the kids and the dog and some neighbors you like and leave town .
評論: 45 , 90 and 15 min candles dumping in 1 minute
評論: 12 hour, 4hour, 1 hour ,2hour , 3 hour and 90 min , 45 and 30 min candles all dumping in the next hour .

This will be a challenging hour for BTC
評論: Theres something not right with this dump
評論: I think its a trick to get us to part with BTC - HODL the BTC dont sell it yet . I juts sold two BTC and it sold too easily . BTC never sells easily when its not a trick so something is off here ..BUY the DIP.
評論: The big money players are playing misdirection
評論: now when i go to buy my two BTC back its a much slower process - something is fishy here. HODL you BTC
評論: Doesn't make sense - BTC sells too easily a buy buys too slow - This should be the other way round . Someone is playing tricks
評論: Hang in there for this next hour . This dump next hours dump may be it for a while .
評論: The 15 and 30 are coming first in 6 minutes

Then 30 minutes later the 12 hour, 4hour, 1 hour ,2hour , 3 hour and 90 min , 45 will join in .

Lets see what they got
評論: maybe nothing will happen
評論: The 15 and 30 are here ...what will they do ?
評論: looks to be upward movement
評論: Look like BTC is becoming bullish ...glad I held my BTC
評論: here they come .

12 hour, 4hour, 1 hour ,2hour , 3 hour and 90 min , 45

lets see what they will do
評論: We may be done dumping for today , These fellas mean no harm
評論: Triple spinning tops on the 5 minute could be signaling an impulsive movement up or down .
評論: Crap that was it ! BTC is sinking hard to 95xx
評論: Thats it for the 1 hour candle it turns positive in an hour and should stay that way for up to 8 hours . He will be missed .
評論: Believe it or not BTC will be hit 64k and 100k in 2018 - Incredible and yet it will happen .
評論: The important values are 53, 64 and 100k they must be targets I assume .
評論: BTC will accelerate rapidly the last week of March ( around march 22nd ) and there's no looking back.
評論: With the orders observed below by @RodrigoGarreton we can come to terms with the fact that BTC can go as low as 8500 or even lower. The question is when and whether to exit and buy back lower or brave the stormy seas and HODL.! -

- Guys / Gals your Feedback on this matter is appreciated- Please post your thoughts below so we can devise a plan and maximize profits.
- No answer is too trivial - it can be as simple as one word "HODL" or "sell" !!!

138 9,600 277 277
633 9,500 928 1,206
384 9,400 284 1,491
475 9,300 604 2,095
582 9,200 622 2,718
547 9,100 461 3,180
730 9,000 787 3,967
426 8,900 220 4,187
306 8,800 564 4,751
207 8,700 125 4,877
207 8,600 179 5,056
233 8,500 267 5,324
評論: Todays target has two options -
either 94xx or a 1045x . Im not sure which one as BTC can break either way.
I'd take the 1045x profit or even close to 103xx if hit as BTC shows a possible downturn later.
評論: looking at the sideways Head and shoulders 94xx , appears to be in line with the neck which is around 94xx . The value 104xx is the shoulder but this appears to be already completed if compared to the left shoulder.

-so BTC may be visiting 94xx

評論: The completed drop of the Head and shoulders is around 85xx .
評論: but as its leaning to the right side, the completed right side drop will be much lower .
評論: BTC is testing the resistance at 9778
評論: Checkout BTC its going to try 9836 now .BTC is just unstoppable
評論: BTC is not looking good its testing the same resistance over and over again, usually when BTC does this it will dump . It can drop to 93xx -
I dislike selling but ill dump BTC if it does not get over 9800 in the next hour or so.

First ill do some graphs to see of theres any hope for today or sunday .
評論: BTC has made a triple top at 9744 and theres only so much testing you can do before the money runs out.
if BTC cant cross the low 9744 number . what hope is there for the HODLers this Saturday ?
評論: Switching to the 5 minute view shows BTC is sitting on an inverted head and shoulders and BTC is trying to break the wrong way an move down from the right shoulder to 93xx.
評論: Hidden bullish divergence ..looks to be up

評論: 45 min view

評論: looks like a hidden bullish divergence and its going to go up .
評論: Sold - Not much support after 9500 - playing it safe .
評論: I still think it was not the right move as BTC sold dammed fast - its as if I was led like sheep to the exchange to part with my BTC for FIAT.

I've never seen BTC sell fast, it always sells slowly and this has been my biggest complaint why does it sell so slow - But today "poof" sold in 1 second....something just doesn't feel right about this .

A dark cloud has set it - I'm off to wander the land for 40 days and 40 nights and ponder the meaning of life.
評論: Incoming trend reversal double doji, triple doji showdown. 45 min candle also flips positive in 130 min and will climb.

Great catch to @ant187 for spotting the dojis-

評論: First stop is 9742
評論: 9857 then 9916
評論: lets give it while to make sure its not a break down , although in sure its a break up as the trend reversal reverses the current direction . So in this case it will have to be up
評論: guess ill get back in ....grrr i knew it felt like a forced sell
評論: 45 min candle is leading the pack and moving up .
評論: This is how it should be I buy back my BTC I have to wait ages. Thats when i know its the right move
評論: The 15 min the 30 the 45 and the 90 are moving their MACD towards the positive side. The 4 hour will be done in 8 hours and the 12 hour will be done in 24 hours.

- The 4 hour and 12 hour candles will dump in 90 mins time but I expect this to be minimal as the other candles are turning positive.
評論: BTC is signaling 108xx but thats almost $1100 - ill confirm this , and be conservative and use 10700 . Notice how this is also a continuation of yesterdays move from 105xx which is interesting.
評論: First target is 9747 then 9915 and 10214, . There is almost $300 difference between 9915 and 10214 and 9915 is the closest support from 10214, so usually ill sell at 10214 and wait for BTC to come back down and buy it back at 9915 and pick up the extra $300. Things move slow in a bear market so you can pick up a extra cash on the climb up - you just have to be patient.

- These stop and grab moves are risky as BTC will often skip them so it may be best to go long and play safe
評論: 10508 is also a double top and maybe the short term end-move for today, but if BTC has sufficient momentum it can move to 108xx . This spot will be a double -top also and could also be the end move.
評論: Sold all my BTC - it should come back down tp 95xx then ill pick it back up
評論: that was a quick trade
評論: What exactly is BTC doing ? it putting candles backwards - acting very strange
評論: - Inverted head and shoulders with 2 choices 89xx or 10003

評論: BTC has been trying to break the neckline the entire day .at 9785 , if it does not break it . it can drop .
評論: shorterm may be down - but the real target is 13k .
Next graph we will look inside the channel and see whats happening inside.

評論: inside the channel - can move to 93xx

評論: this drop can also complete the right shoulder move
if this is correct it should not pass 9500 . I

評論: Moving past 9500 confirms this is not an inverse head and shoulders and BTC will be moving to 8900 in the coming days . in case BTC is playing tricks wait for 9400 before exiting . BTC will make two choices and both are win win situations.

BTC Choices
A) if BTC reverses at 9400 it will move to 10k .
B) if BTC drops lower than 9400 it will move to 8900 , So Exit and wait for 8900 in the next few days/ hours .
- both are win win scenarios
評論: If BTC misbehaves and drops we gain an extra $500 per BTC by selling and buying back at 8900.

If BTC behaves and goes up then we can move to1 0k and above and can make more profit.
- Either way we make a profit.
評論: I think BTC can go back up in 7 minutes
評論: BTC should either breakdown fast or break up fast in 3 minutes .
評論: 60 seconds
評論: Cup and handle with cookies and milk indicating a move to 10212.
if this is correct , BTC should drop to the low 9500 area and move upwards
really fast for a mini BTC break out.

IF BTC -drops past 9400 dump it as its going to 8900 ,

評論: Wait for the breakout- i think there should be one ...mmmh
評論: usually in these cases a sudden break upwards is observed with a big candle which breaks the resistance at 97xx ...mmh
評論: BTC has laid down 3 hammers ,its not accepting this downtrend business,
評論: BTC would need to move past 9747 for further upward movement
評論: we need to see a big candle confirming upward moment - so far none in sight,
評論: BTC will touch 9747 and probably fail , but BTC may pull back to 9612 and make another cup and saucer and come back and hit 9747 a few times with this cup and saucer.
評論: A few slaps to the head with the saucer should normally be sufficient . Lets hope the saucer holds.
評論: BTC put a hint n the 10 minute candle letting us know its going to 9764 by any means necessary -
評論: A few more slaps with the saucer should do it . The 90 minute candle confirms it wants to head to 9817.
評論: Failure for BTC to get through 9747 will result in a fall to 89xx .
評論: I suspect this attempt will fail - and BTC will pull back to 9623 or or 9512 and make return with a battering ram to be used against 9747.
This will be the last shot at 9747
評論: For this play targets are 10116 and 10500
- sequcence of steps - BTC will move from

a) move from 9747 to 10116
b) move from 10116 to 10212
c) Fall from 10212 to 9747
d) Move from 9747 to 10500
e) fall from 10500 to 8900
評論: should bounce at 9445 or abandon ship
評論: more like 9432 it should bounce
評論: Bounced and now its time for BTC to deal with that 9747 and get it out of the way - Pesky resistance causing problems as usual . enough already .
評論: We still need to see that big candle with momentum for confirmation of upward movement.
評論: Look carefully these are the long term options- It will depend which way BTC Exits this flag

評論: Which also coincides with this graph i drew on Feb 2nd

評論: BTC has to avoid 8900 at costs .
評論: The current situation

With 4k BTC in sight I figured I stick this one out out of interest at least till 9200
評論: now here is the kicker
評論: The targets for BTC are still 53000 , 64000 and 100,000 in 2018 .
評論: if you find this hard to believe - remember this saying ,

"its never about how much will be put in . Its about how much will be taken out"
評論: BTC take off time is still scheduled for march 22nd the last week of march
評論: This means that in the next 3 weeks there is going to be a lot of volatility as the big money set up their game play to accumulate as much BTC as possible
評論: we may stop at 9300 for a few hours or minutes . (never know with BTC ) before moving onto 8900
評論: There will be upward climbs in this 3 weeks also just no new ATH records yet
評論: Ive noticed that the graphs tell the truth , they just take a few days hours or even a week or two to hit the targets.
評論: This is a BTC thread i know ..but this graph i drew on Jan 16th showed XRP will hit 49 cents and im very sure it will - i like my XRP

評論: I think the XRP dip will be when BTC hits 4k as this will be a 50% hit
評論: The reason BTC will hit 100k is if you graph it the drop from 100k is back to 30k
評論: is this the missing candle coming up

評論: it would have to be a big candle that moves fast and high
評論: Is BTC trying complete the move above > mmh
where is that candle ?
評論: Also BTC will need to pass 9550 for confirmation and pass it with confidence and momentum
評論: if not it will hit 9515 and drop a leg lower
評論: This looks a bit too close for comfort

評論: Wow BTC got it . 9552 - give us the candle for confirmation
評論: The target is 9745
評論: look like BTC is eyeing 9745 then probably down again .
評論: The 1 hour candle has flipped positive which gives BTC 4 hours of Up-time .
The 12 candle will flip to positive in 3 hours.
Will have to keep a close eye on BTC as the next dip looks like it will be around 8900
評論: Good idea to take the profit at 9745
評論: BTC will hit 9745 in about 3 hours , that very close to the 1 hour candles 4 hours of up time - so proceed with caution at that time . One the plus side the 12 hour candle will flip to positive in 2 hours
評論: Id set a 3 hour alarm and check-in with BTC at that time,
評論: Reaching 9745 gives BTC two inverse head and shoulders . im not sure if that means anything

BTC getting past 9745 opens up the way to 10450.
failing to cross over will open up the way to 8900.

評論: 45 and 30 min candles are giving sell signals now
評論: seems a bit early for a sell signal as 9745 has not been hit but I see there is a double top at the current location
評論: This dip should be small as the real target is 9745
評論: down target should be around 9509
評論: in 24 mins the 45 min candle will turn bearish
手動結束交易: closing - this out too long to scroll down
continuing here

評論: Switching to this graph as it has more info

@mycotoxin I understand that BTC is now on corrective subwave 2 (subwaves 12345) of wave (C) of primary wave ((2)) (which is an ABC corrective wave) of the 12345 primary motive waves of this new cycle that started on December 6th; so we should have two more subwaves down (subwaves 3 and 5), and of course one corrective (subwave 4), to complete wave (C) and at the same time, primary wave ((2)). It should retrace to about 50% (8845 on Bitstamp) of the previous high. The buying wall on Bitstamp starts at 9277, so there should be high volume between 9300 and 8800. This is just a comment, not a trading advise.
mycotoxin GustavoAG
@GustavoAG, Cheers for the info Thanks , ill look into this
@mycotoxin "The 15 min the 30 the 45 and the 90 are moving their MACD towards the positive side. The 4 hour will be done in 8 hours and the 12 hour will be done in 24 hours.

- The 4 hour and 12 hour candles will dump in 90 mins time but I expect this to be minimal as the other candles are turning positive."

I was observing that same, however I notice that the bulls are a bit shy
mycotoxin RodrigoGarreton
@RodrigoGarreton, yes they are nervous but BTC will pick up speed
@mycotoxin, I should do it at least.

Friend changing the subject, I suggest you do a new publication, since always updating the same publication is getting too long to read or leave comments, it's just a constructive criticism
@mycotoxin, mmmm the 4 hour candle could be extremely bullish within 90 minutes
RodrigoGarreton RodrigoGarreton
This volume is getting very interesting, since I also saw a bullish divergence much earlier
There is ema 200 daily support. And fib .5 support
mycotoxin doktorek
@doktorek, Cheers, please post a graph
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