Hello everyone!

Recently the volatility in crypto has skyrocketed, while the market went down substantially. I personally don't believe we are near the end of bull market or what others call a bubble. In a post I told people to get in at 3000$ or regret it. But that doesn't mean hold forever...

Even though we had a massive recovery and we bounced of the previous ATH , I think there might be some more downside. I am not saying that bitcoin will go down, but right now there could be things that would push the market further down. This could be the miners hardforking bitcoin , systemic risks due to altcoins (i.e Ethereum crashing or sec going after ICOs), systemic risks due to centralized exchanges (i.e exchanges getting hacked, governments shutting them down, fractional reserve systems or Tether being a fraud) and so on...

My advice : 1) buy when others (and even yourself) are fearful and sell when others are greedy. 2) Always separate your investment from your trading. 3) Keep a substantial amount of fiat in and out of exchanges in order to be able to buy the dips (never go all in).

My worst case scenario in terms of price going down : 2250$
My resonable estimate : 2760$
Touching the possible trendline : 2450$

Good luck trading
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